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Face to Government

Qingdao municipal government office building and international conference center
Qingdao high-tech zone municipal comprehensive pipeline ditch project
Qingdao administration of industry and commerce

Qingdao national quality inspection center

Face to Large Enterprises

Qingdao intellectual property public service platform construction project
The first Marine research institute of the state oceanic administration
Shandong high-speed weilai high-speed project
Chongqing xiyong comprehensive passenger transport hub
Chongqing jiangbei city CBD project

Face to Medical

Jining first people's hospital high-tech zone branch

Zibo expo high-tech hospital

Qingdao diabetes hospital

The extension project of the ward building of chengyang people's hospital

Face to Financial

Qingdao central sub-branch of the people's bank of China
Bank of China, shandong province
China everbright bank Qingdao branch
Agricultural bank of China Qingdao branch
Bank of communications Qingdao branch
Nanyang commercial bank Qingdao branch
Huaxia bank Qingdao branch
Shanghai pudong development bank Qingdao branch

Face to Smart city

Smart Shangrao County

"Smart Lincang" Strategic Cooperation

Jiaozhou city

Command Center of Heze City

Social Secruity Monitoring System of Zhucheng City