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Tianbo Can provide full service, full product delivery services and equipment supply.
1)wireless service: includes wireless equipment and ancillary equipment hardware installation, software commissioning, equipment swap, equipment acceptance, site selection, engineering supervisor, etc. 
2) Network optimization service: Communication network (wireless, switching, transmission, data etc.) resources surveys, network evaluation, design, planning, optimization, monitoring network indicators.
3) Network maintenance services:include maintenance, troubleshooting and wireless signal testing of switching system, wireless equipment and related ancillary transmission equipment, power equipment etc. 
4) Planning and design service: Include the planning and design for wireless, switching, transmission part of mobile communication network, and planning and design for equipment room, network platform.
5) Transmission and OFC service: include various transmission equipment hardware installation, software commissioning, engineering supervisor, technical supporting, network cut-over, OFC engineering construction etc. 
6) Switching service: Switching main equipment and related ancillary hardware installation, software commissioning, engineering supervisor, switching equipment swap, software upgrade, data checking optimization.
7) Site Turnkey service: includes site tower foundation civil work construction, tower erection, shelter construction, main equipment installation, antenna feeder installation, generator installation, air conditioner installation and ancillary installation.