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Electronic systems engineering is mainly engaged in building intelligent, computer information system integration, and fire-fighting facilities project design, installation, service, consulting and development. 
1.     Intelligent system engineering services 
1.1 Building equipment automatic control system
1.2 Security monitors and burglar alarm system
1.3 Smart card system
1.4 Parking management system
1.5 Integrated wiring system engineering
1.6 Broadcast system engineering 
1.7 Video conference system engineering
1.8 Large screen display system
1.9 Intelligent lighting, sound control system
1.10Intelligent community integrated property management.
2.     Fire-fighting system engineering services 
2.1 Automatic fire alarm system
2.2 Automatic fire extinguishing system (including: water sprinkler system, gas fire extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing systems, dry powder fire extinguishing systems, etc.)
2.3 Fire hydrant system
2.4 Smoke control system 
2.5 Fire shutter and fire doors
2.6 Firefighting emergency broadcast system
2.7 Other: such as fire extinguishers, explosion-proof equipment, anti-static facilities, lighting protection facilities.
3. Computer system engineering  
3.1 Computer network construction
3.2 Computer network maintenance
3.3 Computer hardware and software service
3.4 Computer system integrate
3.5 Computer network security