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2019 Internal football match of Tianbo company

TIME:2019-09-08 18:58:00CLICK:7439

The 2019 Internal football match of Tianbo company kicked off in YUFC today. The event will last for two weeks, with a total of eight matches to determine the champion. In the next Sunday,let's wait and see who will wins the Champion!!!

The final of the company's internal football match was held successfully today, totally 32 players from 4 teams competing in 6 games over 2 weeks. This is the first session of our company internal football match and we will hold this match every year in the future.Firstly, let's congratulate the champion team! We saw the spirit of teamwork and never give up from them. Hope everyone can apply this spirit to our work in the future. At last,thank you for every team giving us a wonderful football performance